Extracurricular Planning
Made Easy

Kiddo makes it easy for families to explore, register for,
and manage their children’s extracurricular and after-school activities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make extracurricular planning and management easy for parents, parent-teacher organizations and schools, while providing service providers a platform to maximize their customer reach. As a public benefit company, our social mission is to sponsor and organize extracurricular programs that help advance underserved communities.

Our Values

Foster trusted partnerships

Through close collaboration with key stakeholders, including program providers, parent-teacher organizations, schools, and families, we strive to build service offerings and tools that build community, empower and advance young people, and drive growth and operational efficiency.

Advocate for equity and serve all communities

We make it a priority to do our part to help close the country’s social disparity through sponsoring and organizing enrichment and extracurricular programs that help advance underserved communities.

Protect the privacy and data of our stakeholders

We are steadfast in our commitment to maintain the highest ethical standards and protect the privacy and data of our families, providers, parent-teacher organizations, and schools.

Our Story

As fathers of active school-aged children, Kiddo's co-founders Garrick Yau and Matt Yeh were frustrated with the absence of a single digital space to research and manage after-school and extracurricular programs for their children. The information sources available consisted of paper flyers sent home from school and browser searches, which generated incomplete results with minimal information about the quality of the service providers and their programs. Garrick and Matt also wanted to take meaningful social action that would provide enrichment opportunities for children in underserved communities. The Covid-19 pandemic created an immediate sense of urgency to launch Kiddo because the pandemic has deeply exacerbated the social disparity in our communities, while crippling small businesses, including many after-school and extracurricular activity providers.

Garrick’s commitment to education started with his first entrepreneurial venture that focused on building sister-school partnerships between secondary schools in the US and China. He continued to launch a second education venture in collaboration with Columbia University, where he received his MBA. The collaboration with Columbia University, Teachers College, focused on bringing students from different parts of the world and from different socioeconomic backgrounds together to investigate complex issues and participate as researchers, engineers, and ethical and creative contributors to academia. Through Kiddo, Garrick and Matt are able to help provide valuable enrichment experiences to children of all backgrounds.

Kiddo is a multi-dimensional, mission-focused company that provides families and small businesses a central space to connect, while collaborating with parent-teacher organizations and schools to develop tools that make everyday operational responsibilities easier to manage. The growth and success of Kiddo enables the company to focus on its critical mission of narrowing the social disparities that continue to limit underserved communities.

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